April 6-7 Keynote Speaker at Adoptive & Foster Families of Maine, Inc, Portland, Maine
April 9 The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly, East Hartford, CT
April 17 Keynote Speaker at 30th Annual Child Welfare Workshop, Hagerstown, MD
April 20 Workshop on Teamwork. Self-Care. Self Reflection. Snow Hill, MD
April 26-29 CWLA National Conference Hyatt Regency Capitol Hill, Washington, DC
May 2-4 Keynote Speaker at NASW Conference: Social Media & Youth, Charleston WV
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The purpose of this training is to help participants identify successful strategies entitled The Building Blocks of Effective Co-Parenting. It is important to note that each situation is individual in many ways however there are some core fundamental concepts that are relevant to all scenarios.

The objective of this program is to provide psycho-education to parents who are divorcing or experiencing separation. This training will help them understand the importance of effective co-parenting, particularly as it relates to children. Participants will be provided strategies on ways to reduce stress, disruption, and unhealthy transitions.

Building Blocks of Effective Co-Parenting
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